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Question 1:

Babbling starts from the age of about two months in children and continues till the age of ………….

Question 2:

According to Garrett there are three types of intelligence and they are –

Question 3:

Human personality is the result of:-

Question 4:

“Men are more intelligent than women. " This statement :

Question 5:

According to the National Curriculum Framework 2005, physical discomfort is not a common source of :

Question 6:

How many types of socialization?

Question 7:

When the child 'fails', it means that –

Question 8:

The originator of plurality principle is-

Question 9:

Which of the following is not a characteristic of Adulthood?

Question 10:

An inclusive school :

Question 11:

When a child gets bored while doing a task, it is a sign that:-

Question 12:

What is the meaning of intelligence- ''you have abilities to coordinate bodily movements''?

Question 13:

Which of the following is the most effective mode of teaching-learning?

Question 14:

According to the National Curriculum Framework-2005, the correct method of assessment of children is –

Question 15:

The sounds th, ph, ch are:-

Question 16:

Which of the following is not a feature of school based assessment?

Question 17:

As a teacher, you firmly believe in saying ' no to ragging and bullying' and putting up posters and forming committees in schools. The young adolescents who join you with strong beliefs, are at which of the following stages?

Question 18:

Error of learners often indicate.

Question 19:

According to John Dewey, school is a ______institution and education is a ______process:-

Question 20:

Socialization means

Question 21:


1. Measurement is a simple term used to measure the quantitative progress of students.

2. assessment is a technical term in which a student's qualitative progress and behavior change is tested.


Question 22:

An example of a positive reinforcement is

Question 23:

Learning disability in motor skills is called:-

Question 24:

Schools should cater to individual differences to:-

Question 25:

Learning is not a process :