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Question 1:

In a certain code, SLOB is written as 4379 , FATE is written as 2685 . How is LOFT written in that code?

Question 2:

If HOLIDAY is coded as ELIFAXV, then how will SUM be coded as?

Question 3:

In a code language 319 means 'ice is cold', 431 means 'winter is cold', 249 means 'ice in winter'. Find the code for 'in'.

Question 4:

In a code language, 'PROVEN' is written as 'PSQOFW'. How will 'MONGER' be written in that language?

Question 5:

If 18th February, 1997 falls on Tuesday then what was the day on 18th February, 1999?

Question 6:

What will be the angle between the hour hands and minute hands at 7:50AM?

Question 7:

If the 3rd day of a month is Monday, which of the following would be the 4th day before the 21 st day of that month?

Question 8:

Six people A, B, C, D, E, and F are sitting around a circular table facing each other. Two people are sitting between D and E. If A, B are sitting to the same side of E. F is seated third to the right of B and immediate left of A.

Who among the following person is seated opposite to D?

Question 9:

Mohit is the grandfather of Kiran whose father is Abhinav. Sohan is the brother-in-law of Divya. Yasmin is the mother of Abhinav. Divya has only two sons- Ajay and Sunil. How Sunil is related to Sohan?

Question 10:

In a Class, Sonu’s Rank is 14th from the top and 27th from the bottom then what is the total strength of the Class?