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Question 1:

According to census 2011, Uttar Pradesh has the largest population in India then which state has the second largest population in India ?

Question 2:

Which state government has started an awareness campaign amongst farmers to protect sugarcane crops from locusts?

Question 3:

Which of the following districts of Uttar Pradesh touches the border of Nepal?

Question 4:

Megasthenes, who wrote the famous treatise Indica about India, originally belong to which country ?

Question 5:

The Satpath Bahvan and Taitriya Brahmins are the Brahmin texts of _______-

Question 6:

Which was the capital of Kalinga (Eastern Province) during Ashoka's invasion?

Question 7:

According to the Civil Registration System Report 2020, which state / union territory recorded the lowest sex ratio at birth ?

Question 8:

Where did Indian Coast Guard Chief VS Pathania commission the 2nd ALH Mk III Squadron built in India at which of the following ?

Question 9:

Recently, the Supreme Court said that the Governor of Tamil Nadu is bound to accept the decision of the state cabinet to release AG Perarivalan, who has spent more than 30 years in jail. Which Article of the Constitution allows the Governor to pardon or reduce the sentence of any prisoner ?

Question 10:

Which of the following rivers does not join the Gulf of Khambhat?