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Question 1:

Which union minister will lead the Indian delegation to the COP15 summit on desertification ?

Question 2:

With which country will the Commerce and Industry Minister of India attend a meeting to discuss ways to boost economic ties, on 11th May 2022 ?

Question 3:

Which of the biodiversity park located in Assam?

Question 4:

In India which state is covered under Wildlife protection Act, 1972 ?

Question 5:

Who is the present (2022) Union Health Minister?

Question 6:

Under the National Health Policy 2017 for which year the target has been set to be free from TB disease?

Question 7:

Where was the conference held in 1899 to peacefully resolve crises, and prevent wars?

Question 8:

When is National Girl Child Day observed annually in India?

Question 9:

Which among the following national parks is located in Manipur?

Question 10:

The committee formed for a specific purpose of Parliament is called?