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Question 1:

If "FOREST" is coded as "GPSFTU" then how "BUTTON" will be coded?

Question 2:

In a code language, 'PROVEN' is written as 'PSQOFW'. How will 'MONGER' be written in that language?

Question 3:

An accurate clock shows 8 a.m. Through how many degree will the hour hand rotate when clock shows 2 p.m.

Question 4:

An accurate clock shows 6 O’clock in the morning. Through how many degree will the hour hand rotate when the clock shows 4 O’clock in the evening?

Question 5:

What day of the week was 5 February 2008?

Question 6:

If the 4th day of a month is Sunday, which of the following would be the 6th day before the 30th day of that month?

Question 7:

If $P \% Q$ means $P$ is the father of $Q$, $P!Q$ means $P$ is the sister $Q$ and $P{ }^{*} Q$ means $P$ is the daughter of $Q$, then which of the following shows that $\mathrm{P}$ is the husband of S's sister?

Question 8:

K said to L, "You are my husband's son-in-law's daughter." How is L related to K?

Question 9:

Ram is taller than Geetha. Vimala is taller than Ram but shorter than Meenu. Bindu is taller than Geetha but shorter than Ram. Who among the given people is the shortest?

Question 10:

Naresh is 19th from the left end and Naresh is 29th from the Right end in the row. How many students are in the Row?