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Question 1:

A certain number of men can do a work in 35 days. If there were 9 men less it could be finished in 9 days more. Find the number of man ?

Question 2:

A train traveling with uniform speed crosses a pole in 2 seconds and a bridge of length 250 meters in 7 seconds. The length of the train is:

Question 3:

A shopkeeper insists on selling his goods at cost price but uses $900 \mathrm{~g}$ instead of $1 \mathrm{~kg}$, then find his percentage profit.

Question 4:

If 15% of y is same as 18% of x, then 60% of x is equal to how much percent of y:

Question 5:

$\mathrm{A}$ and $\mathrm{B}$ invest in a business in the ratio of 4 : 5. After 10 months, B leaves the business after withdrawing his investment. In the 1st year the business made a profit of Rs. 49000 . What is B's share of this profit.

Question 6:

Find which of the following are twin Primes.

(37,41) (3,7) (43,47) (71,73)

Question 7:

The one-meter-wide path is built inside a square park of side $30 \mathrm{~m}$ along its sides. The remaining part of the park is covered by grass. If the total cost of covering by grass is Rs 1176, find the rate per square meter at which the park is covered by the grass.

Question 8:

At what rate of interest will a sum of Rs 4,500 amount to Rs 6,525 at simple interest for 5 years?

Question 9:

Direction: Given Pie chart Shows marks obtained by Sunil out of 900 in six different subjects in an examination. Complete the data (if required) and answer the question that follows.

What is the ratio of marks scored in science to that of Hindi?

निर्देश: दिया गया पाई चार्ट एक परीक्षा में छह अलग-अलग विषयों में सुनील द्वारा 900 में से प्राप्त अंकों को दर्शाता है। डेटा को पूरा करें (यदि आवश्यक हो) और नीचे दिए गए प्रश्न का उत्तर दें।

Question 10:

The average of a non-zero number, its square and its cube is 37 times the number. The number is?