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Question 1:

If each interior angle of a regular polygon is twice its exterior angle, then the number of sides of the regular polygon is:

Question 2:

A number is first increased by $16 \%$ and then increased by $14 \%$. The number, so obtained, is now decreased by $30 \%$. What is the net increase or decrease percent in the original number (nearest to an integer)?

Question 3:

The area of triangle whose vertices are $(2,3),(-4,9),(-6,5)$

Question 4:

What is the ratio of LCM to HCF of the 96 , 80 and 128 ?

Question 5:

A natural number when divided by $9,10,12$ or 15 leaves a remainder of 3 in each case. Which is the smallest number among all such numbers?

Question 6:

If the present age of Father and his son are 24 years and 14.4 years respectively , then the age of the father can say to his son , “I was ….. your present age when you were born “ .

Question 7:

The bus fare between two cities is increased in the ratio $2: 4$. Find the increase in fare if original fare is Rs.$350$.

Question 8:

What will be the compound interest on a sum of Rs. 50,000 at $12 \%$ p.a. for 6 months, if the interest is payable quarterly?

Question 9:

The perimeter of a square is $80 \mathrm{~cm}$ find its area.

Question 10:

In 2 container $A$ and $B$ of Zinc and Copper are in the ratio of $4: 7$ and 6:5 respectively. If both container are mixes in the ratio of $2: 1$ then find the ratio of Zinc and Copper in final mixture.