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Question 1:

The Nokrek National Park (NNS) is located in which state?

Question 2:

Which of the following countries expressed its inability to participate in the P-75 India (P-75I) project to build six conventional submarines in India for the Indian Navy ?

Question 3:

Every year, who declares 'Minimum Support Price' of food grains?

Question 4:

Which of the following pairings is correct?

(river) (state)

Question 5:

Which Article of the Indian Constitution gives the President the power to consult the Supreme Court?

Question 6:

In which of the following languages 'The Indian Opinion' was not printed?

Question 7:

Who is the presiding deity of 'Bhojshala Mandir'?

Question 8:

The fundamental point of Jainism is- ?

Question 9:

193 members of the United Nations General Assembly have unanimously passed a resolution in which it has been said that countries must 'justify' veto votes in the UN, under this, how many countries have veto power ?

Question 10:

Recently which of the following districts,  became the first district in India to cover 100% households under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana ?