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Question 1:

Two positions of a cube shaped dice are shown below. Find out that which number come on top face when number 4 is at the bottom face?


Question 2:

Directions : Select the related word/number from the given alternatives.

Hooghly : Jute :: Ahmadabad : ?

Question 3:

If + means x, x means -, - means ÷ and ÷ means +, then which of alternatives is true?

Question 4:

In a row of 45 person, position of Abhimanyu from right side of the row is 18th. Find the position of his from left side of the row?

Question 5:

You have two arguments numbered I and II. You have to decide which of the arguments is a ‘strong’ argument and which  is a ‘weak’ argument.

Statement: Should the Electoral reform bill that links Aadhaar to voter ID be passed?


I. Only it will allow the elections to become gender-neutral for service voters.

II. The main contention was to allow the linking of voter IDs with Aadhaar cards.

Question 6:

A box has six faces marked A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 and A6 as shown in the figure below. Based on this, find what is on the face opposite to A3?

Question 7:

Study the following information carefully and answer the question given below:

A man walks 3 km to his right, from point P to reach a point R, then he turns 90° to his left and walks 10 km to reach a point S and again he turns 90° to his right and walks 9km to reach the point M. Finally, he turns 90° to his right and walks 15km to reach a point N.

If, the man is finally facing South-West direction, then in which direction does he face from point P to point N?

निम्नलिखित जानकारी का ध्यानपूर्वक अध्ययन करें और नीचे दिए गए प्रश्न का उत्तर दें।
एक व्यक्ति बिंदु P से बिंदु R तक पहुंचने के लिए 3 किमी उसके दाहिनी ओर चलता है, फिर वह अपनी बाईं ओर 90° मुड़ता है और बिंदु S पर पहुंचने के लिए 10 किमी चलता है और फिर से वह अपनी दाईं ओर 90° मुड़ता है और बिंदु M तक पहुंचने के लिए 9 किमी चलता है। अंत में , वह अपनी दाहिनी ओर 90° मुड़ता है और बिंदु N पर पहुँचने के लिए 15 किमी चलता है।

Question 8:

Direction Find the related letters to complete the Analogy.

ate : tea :: top : ?

Question 9:

In the given series a number is missing. Find the number from the given alternatives that complete the series?

49, 62, 70, 77, ?, 101

Question 10:

In a code language, if LAMINATION is coded as 1211391412091514, then. How will BELIEVE be coded in the same language?