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Question 1:

The average age of a man and his daughter is 38 years. The ratio of their ages is $13: 6 $,respectively. What is the daughter's age?

Question 2:

Direction: What should come in Place of Question Mark (?) in the following questions?

$34 \times 15-102=x \times 3$

Question 3:

An article is sold for Rs.5330 after a discount of $18 \%$. What is the MP of article?

Question 4:

Four horses are tied to each corner of a square of side $18 \mathrm{~cm}$ with a rope of $7 \mathrm{~cm}$. Find the ungrazed area.

Question 5:

Amrit is twice as good a painter as Kushal and together they finish a work in 6 days . In how many days will Kushal alone finish the work ?

Question 6:

The average age of eleven cricket players is 20 years. If the age of the coach is also included, the average age increased by $10 \%$. The age of the coach is :

Question 7:

The ratio of expenditure and savings of a person is 8 : 5. If his income is increased by 20% and his expenditure is increased by 25%, then what will be the increase in the savings of the person?

Question 8:

The difference between the compound interest and the simple interest on a sum of Rs. 12,000 for 2 years at the rate of $6 \%$ p.a., is ___rupees:

Question 9:

Ram bought 6 tables and 12 Chairs for Rs. 12,000 . He sold the tables at a profit of $15 \%$ and the chairs at a loss $10 \%$. If his total gain was Rs. 300, the total cost of the table was?

Question 10:

Direction Study the following bar graph carefully and answer the question that follows:

Demand and production of mobile phones by five companies (number in lakhs)

Which company's total production  if given to company D then company D's demand is completely fulfilled?

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