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Question 1:

The World Health organisation will set up a Global Centre for Traditional Medicine in which place of India ?

Question 2:

Information stored under RAM is considered as volatile, it is said so-

Question 3:

What is the name of the group by which the Shaivite movement developed in South India?

Question 4:

Ultrasonic waves are sound waves, ultrasonic waves have frequency

Question 5:

Which science is sometimes called ‘central science’?

Question 6:

The shape of Vibrio bacteria is ________?

Question 7:

How many banks were nationalised on 19th july, 1969?

Question 8:

The origin of Yamuna river is-

Question 9:

In which case Khudiram Bose and Prafulla Chaki were arrested ?

Question 10:

Who was the first President of All India Trade Union Congress ?