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Question 1:

Which among the following is known as 'Virodhi Kavi' or the 'Rebel Poet' ?

Question 2:

Consider the following statement (s)

  1. Bulgaria
  2. Estonia
  3. Latvia
  4. Lithuania

Which of the country(s) given above is/are the member(s) of NATO?

Question 3:

When was the United Nations Organization established?

Question 4:

A teacher can make problem-solving a fun activity for students by doing all of the following except

Question 5:

Narrow aim of teaching Science according to ncf 2005 includes-

Question 6:

Which of the following shortcut keys is used to open Windows Task Manager ?

Question 7:

Recently, the Election Commission announced the date of election for the election of the 16th President of India, under which article of the Constitution the President of India is elected ?

Question 8:

Which country has become the first Asian country to legalise the cultivation, sale and use of hemp ?

Question 9:

Which country was warned by Turkey to demilitarise islands in the Aegean Sea ?

Question 10:

Which is the fastest supercomputer in the world, according to the top 500 list of the world's most powerful supercomputers ?