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Question 1:

How many rectangleare there in the following figure?

the above question in is testing of --

Question 2:

At which level of vain Heile's theory child can recognize geometric figures by there shape "as a whole" and compare the figures with their prototypes or everyday things but can not identify the Properties of geometric figures?

Question 3:

The main goal of Mathematics education is?

Question 4:

Computational skills in Mathematics can be enhanced by:

Question 5:

The objective of teaching'' Number System'' to class III students is to enable the students: 

Question 6:

Which of the following purpose of Assessment for learning in a student?

Question 7:

Ms. Reena uses a grid activity to teach the concept of multiplication of decimal. A sample is illustrated below:


Through this method, Ms. Reena is

Question 8:

When faced with word problems, Mohan usually asks “Should I add or subtract?” “Should I multiply or divide?” Such questions suggest :

Question 9:

Which of these is not a higher level of objectives underlying teaching mathematical subject?

Question 10:

A device for finding out what pupils understand and can do with a purpose of adapting future teaching to the needs of the individual or the class is known as: