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Question 1:

A report consists of 20 sheets each of 55 lines and each such line consists of 65 characters. This report is reduced onto sheets each of 65 lines such that each line consists of 70 characters. The percentage reduction in number of sheets is closest to:

Question 2:

The price of a car is increased by $30 \%$ before the budget and then by $10 \%$ in the budget. The total percentage increase in the price of the car is -

Question 3:

When the price of one liter oil is decreased by Rs. 24 , it becomes $84 \%$ of the original price. What was the original price (in rupee)?

Question 4:

If numerator of a fraction increased by $12 \%$ and denominator decreased by $18 \%$ new fraction obtained is $\frac{44}{59}$ Find original fraction?

Question 5:

A person secured 160 marks and he failed by $5 \%$. If they required $30 \%$ for passing the exam. Find maximum marks.

Question 6:

A is $20 \%$ more than B and B is $30 \%$ less than C. If C is $25 \%$ more than D, then by what $\%$ is A more than D?

Question 7:

If 35% of a number is 700, then what will be 50% of the same number?

Question 8:

The income of Sanjay is $25 \%$ less than the income of Alok, and the income of Alok is $12 \%$ more than Rs. 24000 . The income of Sanjay (in rupees) is

Question 9:

If length rectangle is increased by $40 \%$ and its breadth is decreased by $30 \%$. Find the $\%$ age change in area?

Question 10:

Amit is 18 years younger than Sumit. If Sumit's age is approximately $71.428 \%$ of the sum of his and Amit's age, then what will be Amit's age 5 years hence?