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Question 1:

18 articles were sold at an average price of Rs. 15 . The cost price of 12 articles was Rs. 16 each. Find the cost price of each of the remaining 6 articles if there was no profit/loss in the transaction.

Question 2:

A shopkeeper sells article at cost price but he cheated $30 \%$ while buying and $20 \%$ while selling in the weight then find his actual profit percent.

Question 3:

A trader fixes selling prices of commodities after increasing them by $10 \%$ and offers $10 \%$ rebate on selling prices. The percent gain or loss is:

Question 4:

$\mathrm{A}$  sells an article to $\mathrm{B}$ making a profit of $\frac{1}{5}$ of his outlay. B sells it to $\mathrm{C}$, gaining $20 \%$. If $\mathrm{C}$ sells it for Rs. 600 and incurs a loss of $\frac{1}{6}$ of his outlay, the cost price for $A$ is:

Question 5:

A trader marked up his articles $25 \%$ more the cost. If he offered a discount of $10 \%$, then what will be his profit percentage?

Question 6:

Mayank purchased 10 bikes in 2021, all at the same price. He sold six of these at a profit of 25% and the remaining four at a loss of 25%. If he made a total profit of Rs. 20000, then his purchase price of a bike, in Rupees, was

Question 7:

Shashi offers one watch free on the purchase of every 4 watches. What is the effective percentage discount offered by him?

Question 8:

Nitin bought some oranges at Rs. 40 a dozen and an equal number at Rs. 30 a dozen. He sold them at Rs. 45 a dozen and made a profit of Rs. $480 .$ The dozen of oranges, he bought was:

Question 9:

A piece of cloth costs Rs 200. If the piece was 5 m longer and each metre of cloth costs Rs 2 less, the cost of the piece would have remained un-changed. What is the original rate per metre ?

Question 10:

Anil purchased 100 eggs at the rate of Rs 6 per egg. He sold 25 eggs at $10 \%$ profit, 25 eggs at $25 \%$ loss and remaining 50 eggs at $20 \%$ profit. What is the percentage profit or loss made by Anil?