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Question 1:

Binoculars are versatile tools that provide enlarged images of distant objects, Binocular was invented by _________

Question 2:

The region surrounding a magnet in which its effect can be experienced is called as

Question 3:

Which of the following statement is incorrect?

Question 4:

A motor cycle driver doubles its velocity when he is having a turn. The force exerted outwardly will be –

Question 5:

A frog can jump maximum distance of 1.6 m. It spends negligible time on the ground. How far can it go in 10 seconds -

Question 6:

You are given one hundred 1Ω resistors. What is the largest resistance you can make in a circuit using these?

Question 7:

A domestic lighting circuit has a fuse of 5 A. If the mains supply is at 230 V, calculate the maximum number of 36 W tube-lights that can be safely used in this circuit.

Question 8:

Submarine is a type of ship that can travel under the water as well as on the surface,construction of submarines is based on

Question 9:

A body is freely rolling down on an inclined plane it has?

Question 10:

A bullet of mass 10 g is fired with a velocity of 50m/s from a gun of mass 2kg. Find the recoil velocity (in m/s) of the gun.