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Question 1:

Sunil is the son of Kesav. Simran, Kesav’s sister, has a son Maruti and daughter Sita. Prem is the maternal uncle of Maruti. How is Sunil related to Maruti ?

Question 2:

$\mathbf{A}-\mathbf{B}$ means ' $\mathbf{A}$ is the sister $\mathbf{B}$ ':
$A \times B$ means ' $A$ is the husband of $B$ ':
$A \div B$ means ' $A$ is the son of $B$ '.
If, $\mathbf{Y} \times \mathbf{M}-\mathbf{T}-\mathbf{Z} \div \mathbf{L} \times \mathbf{U}$, then how is $\mathbf{U}$ related to Y?

Question 3:

Direction: Read the information carefully and answer the following questions.

There are eight members P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W in a family. U is brother of T who is sister in law of R. S is grandson of P who is father of Q. V is only daughter of R who is wife of U. Q is the son of W who is mother of U. S is the only son of U.

How is W related to V?

Question 4:

$\mathrm{P}, \mathrm{L}, \mathrm{T}, \mathrm{B}, \mathrm{N}$ and $\mathrm{D}$ are six members of a business family. $\mathrm{N}$ is the son of $\mathrm{B}$, who is not the mother of $N$. $L$ is the brother of $\mathrm{B}$. $\mathrm{D}$ and $\mathrm{B}$ are a married couple. $T$ is the daughter of $D$, who is the sister of $P$. How is $\mathrm{N}$ related to $T$ ?

Question 5:

If $A @ B$ means $A$ is the son of $B, A \# B$ means $A$ is the brother of $B$, and if $A{ }^{*} B$ means $A$ is the mother of $B$, then what does $X \# Y @ Z{ }^{*} W$ mean, if Z has 2 sons and one daughter?

Question 6:

Introducing a boy, a woman said "The maternal uncle of his  maternal uncle and my maternal uncle are mutual brothers", how is the woman related to the boy?

Question 7:

Anu is the sister of Bali. Komal is Bali's mother. Dinu is Komal's father. Ian is Dinu's mother. Then how is Anu related to Dinu?

Question 8:

Pointing to a woman, a woman said, "She is the daughter-in-law of the grandmother of the only son of my father." How is the daughter-in-law related to Sunita?

Question 9:

A said to B, "You are my wife's son-in-law's daughter. "How is B related to A?

Question 10:

If $A @ B$ means $A$ is the son of $B, A$ #B means $A$ is the husband of $B$ and $A * B$ means $A$ is the daughter of $B$, then what does $P @ Q $*R # $S$ mean?