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Question 1:

Who was the law minister of the first cabinet after independence in India?

Question 2:

How many persons are nominated by the President to the Rajya Sabha?

Question 3:

The maximum interval between two sessions of Parliament should be -

Question 4:

Article 21A of the Constitution of India provides Right to ______.

Question 5:

The highest legislative body of India is ---------------.

Question 6:

Who among the following has been regarded as the "Spirit of the Constitution"?

Question 7:

What is the minimum age limit to become a candidate for Lok Sabha elections?

Question 8:

Which of the following is the feature of the Constitution of India ?

Question 9:

The Constituent Assembly was elected on the basis of ?

Question 10:

After the adoption of the constitution, the handwritten constitution was signed by the members of the Constituent Assembly on -