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Question 1:

A delivery boy started from his office at 10 a.m. to deliver an article. He rode his scooter at a speed of $32 \mathrm{~km} / \mathrm{h}$. He delivered the article and waited for 15 minutes to get the payment. After the payment was made, he reached his office at $11.25$ a.m., travelling at a speed of $24 \mathrm{~km} / \mathrm{h}$. Find the total distance travelled by the boy.

Question 2:

An athlete runs a $800 \mathrm{~m}$ race in 96 seconds. His speed (in $\mathrm{km} / \mathrm{h}$ ) is:

Question 3:

Rachit beats suchit by 40 metre or 20 second in a 1000 metre race. Find the time taken by Rachit to complete the race?

Question 4:

If train $A$ reduces its original speed by $\frac{3}{8}$ then it covers a distance of $240$ Kms less in 5 hours then find the original speed of the train?

Question 5:

A person has to cover a distance $300 \mathrm{~km}$ in 20 hours. If he covers $\frac{7}{10}$ of the distance in $\frac{3}{5}$ of the time, then what should be his speed (in km(hr) to Cover the remaining distance in the remaining time?

Question 6:

Mrs. Vijaya takes a total of 9 hours 50 minutes in walking a distance and running back to same place where she started. She could walk both ways in 12 hrs20 minutes. The time taken by her to run both ways is:

Question 7:

A man traveling at the rate of $4 \mathrm{kmph}$ covers some distance in $3$ hours $45$ minutes if the same person cycling at the speed of $16.5 \mathrm{kmph}$ will cover the same distance in how much time?

Question 8:

During a car race Jeff Gordon increase his speed by 16.67% than the usual speed. to win the race this time in this case is how much % less than the usual time.

Question 9:

Walking at the speed of $10 \mathrm{~km} / \mathrm{hr}$, Madhu reached her university 15 minutes late. Next time, she increases her speed by $2 \mathrm{~km} / \mathrm{hr}$, but still reaches 5 minutes late. What is the distance of the university from his home?

Question 10:

A man covers $\frac{2}{11}$ part of his journey by train, $\frac{17}{22}$ by car and the rest by walking 1 kilometer.How far does he walk?