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Question 1:

An article is sold for Rs. 372 after two successive discounts of $25 \%$ and $38 \%$ on its marked price. Total discount (in Rs.) is:

Question 2:

In an examination, Chitra obtained $58.5$ marks, which was equivalent to obtaining $78 \%$ marks. How many marks was the exam?

Question 3:

The difference between the numbers obtained by adding $8\%$ to a number and subtracting $3\%$ is 407. The original number is-

Question 4:

In an exam 40 %  students failed in Maths, 30 % failed in English and 10 % failed in both. What is the percentage of students passed in both the subjects?

Question 5:

If 35% of a number is 700, then what will be 50% of the same number?

Question 6:

When a number is increase by $20 \%$ and then decrease by 20 we get 160 . If a number decreases by $20 \%$ and increases by 20 , what will we get?

Question 7:

51% of a number is 714. What is 39% of this number?

Question 8:

A solution contains $32 \mathrm{~g}$ of common salt in $320 \mathrm{~g}$ of water. Calculate the concentration in terms of mass by mass percentage of the solution.

Question 9:

A maximum of 522 marks out of 600 is required to qualify in an entrance exam. What is the cut off in percentage?

Question 10:

The marked price of a toy was ₹ 2100, on which two successive discounts $20 \%$ and $15 \%$ were given during the sale. What was the selling price of the toy?