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Question 1:

The cost of 20 articles is equal to the selling price of 50 articles. Find the gain or loss percent?

Question 2:

The profit percent earned by selling an article at Rs. 1600 is 2 times of the loss percent earned by selling that article at Rs1200. What is the cost price of the article.?

Question 3:

In terms of percentage profit, which of the following transactions is the best?

Question 4:

A shopkeeper cheats to the extent of 15% while buying and selling fruits, by using tampered weights. His total gain, in percentage is:

Question 5:

A man buy a cycle for $Rs.1400$ and sells it at a loss of $15 \%$. What is the selling price of the cycle?

Question 6:

If Mukesh buys 11 books for Rs. 100 and sells 10 books for Rs. 110 , then find the profit percentage on each book obtained by Mukesh?

Question 7:

On selling an article for Rs 3600, there is a loss of $10\%$, then find its cost price.

Question 8:

Mayank purchased 10 bikes in 2021, all at the same price. He sold six of these at a profit of 25% and the remaining four at a loss of 25%. If he made a total profit of Rs. 20000, then his purchase price of a bike, in Rupees, was

Question 9:

A Man purchased a book and a pen for a total amount of Rs 25000. He sold the book at 13% profit and pen at 17% profit. Had he sold the book at 17% profit and the pen at 13% profit, then he would have gained Rs 80 more. What is the cost price of the book?

Question 10:

A man sold a table at 15% profit and a chair at 12% loss as a result of which he gained Rs 5400 on the overall. Had he sold the table at 12% loss and the chair at 15% profit, then he would have neither gained nor lost on the over all. What is the cost price of the Chair?