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Question 1:

Average of all even numbers between 104 and 138 is …..

Question 2:

Of the three numbers, the first is twice the second and thrice the third. The average of the numbers is 88. What is the difference between the first number and the third number?

Question 3:

The average marks obtained by a group of 25 students was 24. One student left the group as a result of which the average of the remaining students became 25. But another student joined the group as a result of which the group's average score fell to $\mathbf{2 4 . 8}$ left. What was the average marks of the student who left the group and joined the group?

Question 4:

A student scores $85 \%$ in an examination. The scores were $79,81,88$ and $94$ in $4$ subjects. iif each subject marks is 100. Find the student's score in the 5th subject?

Question 5:

A grocer has a sale of Rs. 2,000 , Rs. 2,500 , Rs. 3,250 and Rs. 4,250 in 4 months. How much should his sale in the 5th month be to get an overall average of Rs. 3,500?

Question 6:

The average age of four players is $18.5$ years. If the age of the coach is also included, the average age increases by $20 \%$. The age of the coach is :

Question 7:

The average of 13 results is 68 . The average of first seven is 63 and that of the last seven is 70 , the seventh result is :

Question 8:

The average of 14 numbers is 22. if the average of the first 5 numbers is 18 and that of the last 6 numbers is 25. Then find the average of the remaining numbers.

Question 9:

If the average of 20,40,50,y and z is 45 then the average of y and z is?

Question 10:

The average age of 11 players and their coach is 43 years. The average age of the first 5 players is 39 years and the average age of the other 6 players is 40 years. What is the age (in years) of the coach?