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Question 1:

The present age of Shivani and anshu is 6:7 and 36 years ago this ratio was 12:17. Find the sum of their present ages.

Question 2:

Direction: What should come in Place of Question Mark (?) in the following question?

$?^{3}=64 \%$ of $250+19 \times 20-14^{2}+168$

Question 3:

A batsman has an average run in 16 innings. He scored 80 runs in the 17th innings, increasing his average by 2. His average of runs after 17th innings is

Question 4:

If $\frac{\sin \theta+\cos \theta}{\sin \theta -\cos \theta}=7$, then the value of $\tan \theta$ is equal to:

Question 5:

A motor boat travelling at the same speed can cover $25 \mathrm{km}$ upstream and $39 \mathrm{km}$ downstream in $8$ hours. At the same speed, it can travel $35 \mathrm{km}$ upstream and $52 $km downstream in $11$ hours. The speed of the stream is-

Question 6:

If the distance between two points $(\mathrm{k}+1,9)$ and $(4,-6)$ is 17 units then find the value of $\mathrm{k}$.

Question 7:

If $\mathrm{a}+\mathrm{b}-\mathrm{c}=7$ and $\mathrm{ab}-\mathrm{bc}-\mathrm{ac}=14$, then find the value of $a^{2}+b^{2}+c^{2}$.

Question 8:

A man buys two goats at Rs.120 each. He sells one at 25% gain and the other at 25% loss. How much is his profit or loss?

Question 9:

The sum of the length, breadth and depth of a Cuboid is $21 \mathrm{~cm}$ and its diagonal is $7 \sqrt{7}$. Its surface area is:

Question 10:

Water is flowing from a cylindrical pipe 8 $\mathrm{mm}$ in diameter at rate of 12 meter per minute. How long (time in seconds) will it take to fill up a conical vessel whose radius is $16 \mathrm{~cm}$ and height is $9 \mathrm{~cm}$.