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Question 1:

Mohit starts walking in the north direction and he covers a distance of 6m. Then he turns in the right direction and covers 8m. Then again he turns in the left direction and walks 10m to reach the office. How much total distance does he cover?

Question 2:

Prem goes 10 km towards north, from there he goes 6 km towards south, then he goes 3 km towards east. Find out in which direction and how far is he from the starting point?

Question 3:

Four friends live in a locality. A's house is to the west of B. B 's house is to the south of C and C's house is to the east of D. In which direction is B's house as to D?

Question 4:

Y walked $6 \mathrm{~m}$ west, turned right an walked $8 \mathrm{~m}$. What is the shortest distance he needs to travel to go back to his starting point?

Question 5:

Village A is to the west of Village B which is to the south of Village C which is to the west of Village D. In what direction is Village A as to Village D ?

Question 6:

X walked $15 \mathrm{~m}$ south, turned left $15 \mathrm{~m}$ and turned left and walked for $15 \mathrm{~m}$. How far and in which direction is he form the starting position?

Question 7:

A person facing south-east turns clockwise at $45^{\circ}$, then he turns clockwise at $180^{\circ}$. In which direction is he facing now?

Question 8:

One morning. $X$ starts walking towards the sun, then takes a right, then takes 2 consecutive lefts. Towards which direction is the walking now?

Question 9:

Bismita walks 200 m towards the east and then turns right and walks 210 m to reach a hospital. What is the shortest distance between the starting point and the hospital?

Question 10:

Arjun walks 40 m towards the South from his home, and then he turns left and walks 55 m. Then, he takes another left turn and walks 15 m. Then, he turns left again and walks 55 m. How far is he from his home now?