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Question 1:

A trader allows a 10% discount on the marked price. How much more than the cost price should he mark on the articles to make a profit of 17 %?

Question 2:

A can do a piece of work in 4 days and B can do it in 6 days. If both of them work together then in how many days will it take to complete the work? ,

Question 3:

In a mixture of 55 L. the ratio of milk and water is 7:4. What will be the amount of water to be added to make the ratio 7:6?

Question 4:

A merchant sold a pen at a loss of 20%. If he had sold it for Rs.12 more, he would have made a profit of 10%. What is the cost price (Rs) of that pen?

Question 5:

₹ 5,100 was distributed among $A$ and $B$ in the ratio $8: 9$. By how much is B's share more than A's share?