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Question 1:

On 27 September 2022, the proposal regarding the establishment of which of the following Tiger Reserve was approved by the Government of Uttar Pradesh?

Question 2:

Which of the following is celebrating the anniversary of the surgical strike carried out by India in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir on 28 September 2022?

Question 3:

India signed with which of the following country to formalize the fast track mechanism for investment, on 28 September 2022?

Question 4:

On 27 September 2022, NASA, under its Dart mission, collided with which of the following asteroids 9.6 million kilometers away?

Question 5:

On which of the following date 'World Rabies Day' is celebrated every year?

Question 6:

Department of Telecom has made IMEI registration of phones mandatory before sale from which of the following date?

Question 7:

India's Shubhi Gupta and A Charvi became the champions of girls' under-12 and under-8 categories respectively in the FIDE World Cadets Chess Championship. In which of the following countries was it organized?

Question 8:

The king of which of the following country has appointed Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as the Prime Minister of the country, on 27 September 2022?

Question 9:

In September 2022, the Central Government has appointed Senior Advocate R Venkataramani as the Attorney General of India for a period of three years. Venkataramani is the Attorney General of which order of India?

Question 10:

Who among the following represented India in the 8th World Green Economy Summit held in Dubai?