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Question 1:

The correct extended form of PWD is

Question 2:

On which river is the Bisalpur Dam located?

Question 3:

India is still a young country as the median age of its population is

Question 4:

Reserve Bank of India has proposed to allow linking of which of the following cards with Unified Payments Interface (UPI) ?

Question 5:

Recently who among the following was awarded the GI tag by the Central Government ?

Question 6:

Who wrote the book “ In an Ideal World, in 2022” .?

Question 7:

Davis cup is related to which of the following sports ?

Question 8:

International Moon Day is celebrated every year on which date ?

Question 9:

In which of the following countries 22 people died after being stranded in snow in the month of January 2022?

Question 10:

Who recently took over as the Managing Director of the Foreign Investment Wing of Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) ?