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    Expert Designed UPSI Test Series

    The UP government will be hiring qualified candidates for the position of UP Police Sub Inspector. This is an excellent opportunity for graduates who are looking for a government job. All the qualified candidates will be required to take a written exam. Aspirants must practice a lot in order to clear the written exam. Here we are providing aspirants with high-quality and dependable exam practice material.


    Uttar Pradesh Sub-Inspector (UPSI) is a test for graduate students interested in becoming Sub-Inspectors with the UP Police. 

    A Police Sub-Inspector is a key official in the Uttar Pradesh Police Department, reporting to superior officers. Provincial and small police stations are frequently delegated to a Police-Sub Inspector (PSI). 

    The following are some of a police officer's responsibilities:

    • Keeping Discipline

    • Ensuring Citizen's Safety.

    • Solving cases in his jurisdiction

    • Providing detailed reports to his bosses

    • Patroling neighborhood on weekly basis.


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    What you'll learn

    • Complete syllabus
    • Important topics
    • Real-time experience to score better
    • Memory based test series of actual exam paper
    • Ace reading skills
    • Identifying the key part of question
    • Tricks for solving questions right away
    • Make time management strategy
    • Last minute preparation strategy
    • Practice more, score more


    • 24 hours accessible Tests
    • Exam-Based pattern
    • Access on mobile and Desktop
    • Multiple section wise tests