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    The SBI Clerk Exam is conducted to select the qualified candidates for the position of Junior Associates in Customer Support and Sales in one of the many branches of the State Bank of India across the country. This exam is conducted by the State Bank of India (SBI) once a year.

    Banking aspirants who want to prepare for the SBI Clerk examination must take the SBI Clerk Mock Tests to analyze their level of preparation. The SBI Clerk Online Test Series on Exampur aims to assist aspirants in solving the most difficult questions, giving them confidence and allowing them to crack any level/type of question that may appear in the exam.


    Cleck is an entry-level post in the banking sector. The work profile of the clerk includes various roles and responsibilities. Such as:

    • Verification of various customer-submitted documents and proofs along with resolving various issues of customers.

    • In charge of bank cash, important documents, keys and taking care of treasury tasks.

    • Maintaining the bank's various documents, such as balance sheets, ledgers and so on.

    • Reconciling the department's budget and producing reports.

    • Issuing of Demand Drafts (DDs), customer bank accounts, cash receipts and so on.

    • Completing the necessary paperwork that requires payment of vendor invoices.


    • The SBI Clerk Test Series will assist you in improving your performance with each mock test.

    • Taking the mock tests will provide you with in-depth preparation for the SBI Clerk Exam.

    • These mock tests will help you to obtain a realistic ranking of your level of exam preparation.

    • Our SBI Free Test Series will assist you in thoroughly analyzing your performance and providing information on your weak topics/sections and loopholes.

    • Sectional Tests will provide a thorough revision of the topics, resulting in a more complete understanding of the concepts/topics.

    • The test series difficulty level is comparable to that of the actual SBI Clerk Examination, which will help you in preparing in an exam-like environment.


    • The SBI Clerk Test Series have been prepared by the Exampur experts after thorough and detailed analysis based on previous and expected questions to provide you with proper guidance.

    • The mock tests will cover the entire SBI clerk syllabus and will include questions of varying difficulty levels.

    • SBI Clerk Mock Tests provide candidates with an evaluation of their own results at the end of each exam.

    • The detailed answers and solutions to all of the questions are included in the SBI Clerk Free Mock Test Series.

    • One of the major features of our Test Series is that you can attempt the mock test at your convenience either on Mobile or on a Desktop/Laptop.


    • The questions are created by India's leading subject matter experts.

    • While taking Mock Tests you will be in an exam-like environment, which will help you boost your confidence before the actual exam.

    • You will learn to improve your time management and decision-making skills by taking the SBI CLERK Mock Test by Exampur.

    • Our experts' mock test allows you to work on your weaker sections and improve your overall exam preparation.

    • The questions in our SBI Clerk Test Series have been carefully selected to meet your exam preparation needs and are an excellent self-assessment tool.

    We hope you found this article on the SBI Clerk Mock Test to be informative and useful. You can also use our Exampur App to begin preparation for other Government competitive examinations. 

    What you'll learn

    • Complete syllabus
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    • Real-time experience to score better
    • Memory based test series of actual exam paper
    • Ace reading skills
    • Identifying the key part of question
    • Tricks for solving questions right away
    • Make time management strategy
    • Last minute preparation strategy
    • Practice more, score more


    • 24 hours accessible Tests
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