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As you can see, our Test Series of Super Teacher Eligibility test is always in the spotlight of students preparing for teaching examinations. So, if you are preparing for this examination or planning to prepare for it, you should check it once for your better preparation and put it on top of your preparation strategies.

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Brief Information About Super TET Examination

The Super Teacher Eligibility Test is also known as Super TET, is a state-level examination administered by the Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board (UPBEB). A single paper is held for the recruitment of Assistant Teachers at primary and secondary levels in UP government schools.

Benefits Of Taking Super TET Examination

  • As this is a highly competitive examination in the state of Uttar Pradesh and many candidates are eager to take it, going through the Mock Test Series Of Super TET Examination will provide a proper flow to your preparation.

  • When you study new topics, you should revise them to ensure that they are ingrained in your mind. So, the Sectional Test Series of the super TET is the best way to revise.

  • Going through this Test Series will help you score well because it will help you manage your time during the exam.

Features Of Super TET Test Series

  • Super TET Test Series is developed by experts who have already qualified in the Super TET examination and have the experience to solve those difficult questions.

  • You can attempt this test series wherever you want as it can be completed on both phones and computers.

  • Our Test Series is available in Hindi as well as in English with solutions in both languages. So, that students can improve themselves and work on their weaknesses.

What Set Us Apart

  • Our Test Series has gone through three proofreading processes in order to improve and filter the quality of the questions.

  • Our Test Series is available to students for free practice.

  • Our Test Series is based on the most recent examination pattern and syllabus.

  • Our Test Series covers previous and hot topics that are most likely to be asked in the examination.

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What you'll learn

  • Complete syllabus
  • Important topics
  • Real-time experience to score better
  • Memory based test series of actual exam paper
  • Ace reading skills
  • Identifying the key part of question
  • Tricks for solving questions right away
  • Make time management strategy
  • Last minute preparation strategy
  • Practice more, score more


  • 24 hours accessible Tests
  • Exam-Based pattern
  • Access on mobile and Desktop
  • Multiple section wise tests