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Updated On : 12 Apr, 2022


UP Police Constable preparation tips are important for candidates who want to join UP Police as constables. However, as the level of competition is increasing year by year, the level of preparation required for the exam is also increasing. As a result, you must have a comprehensive strategy to help you in your preparation. Therefore, to improve your chances of selection and to know the answers to all the questions related to the recruitment of UP Police, read our article. We will also tell you the right approach to this exam so that you can prepare well in the right direction.

Firstly, you should keep an eye on the official website of UPPRPB for updates on this recruitment, as the exam is expected to be conducted soon in the month of May or June 2022.

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Know the Exam Pattern:

The UP Police Constable exam is divided into 4 parts, in which questions will be from the following subjects: General Knowledge, General Hindi, Numerical & Mental Ability, Mental Ability / IQ / Reasoning Ability. You can check the exam pattern from the table given below:


Number of questions

total marks

General Awareness

38 questions

76 marks

General Hindi

37 questions

74 marks

Numerical Ability

38 questions

76 marks

Mental Ability / IQ / Reasoning Ability

37 questions

74 marks


150 questions

300 marks

This exam is to be conducted online with multiple-choice questions which means it will be objective type paper in nature. Your entire paper will be conducted using the computer itself, but many students get very upset due to a lack of knowledge and familiarity with computers and start thinking about how the exam will be conducted. We would like to tell you that even if you do not have any knowledge of computers at all, you will be able to give the exam easily. If still, you have any problem, you can take help from the exam coordinators and lab assistants who will be there to assist you in the examination. 

Focus areas:

To succeed in this exam, you must have good knowledge of current affairs and have strong reasoning and numerical abilities. You should also focus on Hindi Grammar as it is a very crucial aspect in your written exam which will help you secure a good rank. 

Get ready with Smart Schedule:

 Even though the exam date is not announced by the board, you should start preparing. The main challenge of the UP Police Constable exam is that its syllabus is very vast, and a lot of facts, concepts, formulae and information must be remembered during the preparation period. For this, you must divide your preparation into 3 parts, i.e. 7 days, 15 days and 21 days. 

To ace this exam, you must be well versed in everything from Indian History to World Geography. So, the best way to prepare for the exam is to prepare a study schedule and follow it on a daily basis. 

Analyse the entire syllabus:

Before you sink into a sea of doubts, you must understand the syllabus. Ensure that you divide your syllabus in such details that not even a single topic is missed. If you have earmarked a week for Indian History, divide it into topics based on dates or political events. This is just an example; You should do this for each category. This will help you later when you start revising. Check out some of the best books available in the market for exam preparation and stick to one book for each subject as changing books will lead to confusion. Apart from the books, you are used to, don't forget to solve the previous year's questions. We never know that the questions practised in the previous years section, may be also repeated in the upcoming exam. Hence, this formula can boost our preparation in a better way than others. Once you complete the syllabus, you should practise while revising. 

Strengthen your General Awareness:

 Every day, newspapers provide you with the latest news. There is no better habit than reading the newspaper every day. You should be aware about all current events at the national and international level, as well as a wide range of topics from politics to business and sports.

Revise what you have learnt so far:

Whenever you study, study by making points. This will make it very easy for you to revise especially when there are a few days left in the exam. Therefore, the answers to the questions should always be ready or memorised by making points. Once you have completed the syllabus, start revising to review what you have learned over the past few months. It's also a time to focus on your shortcomings. Don't let one weak subject deter you from boosting your overall score on the written test. Once you have studied a particular topic, start revising what you have learned. You can also revise through the UP Constable Online Mock Test available on our website.

Don't burden yourself too much:

You must take 2 hours off once a week. If you study day and night it can cause you to suffer  immense mental pressure. This will do no good to you. So on weekends, you should take some time off and do your favourite thing like watching  movies of your choice, you can go for a walk, enjoy yourself with your friends etc. Also, don't forget to eat well and sleep properly as your physical fitness is equally important. So, don't get carried away under the pressure of the exam and try to be as fit as possible.

Subject-wise topics to focus on:

General Awareness:

This section needs extensive research and revision on a regular basis. This section can be aced by focusing on the following topics:

  • Scientific advancement or development

  • National and International Awards, as well as the people who have won them

  • Official languages of India

  • Athletics and Sports

  • Current events, key precedents and rules should be known to all.

Topics to focus on: Internal Security

Hindi language:

In the UP Constable Exam, General Hindi is an important subject to score well. If you want to get good grades focus on the following sections:

  • अलंकार, 

  • समास, 

  • विलोम, 

  • रस, 

  • संधियाँ, 

  • तद्भव तत्सम

Numerical and Mental Ability: 

The quantitative Aptitude section is the scoring and the rank deciding factor. Increase your focus on the following topics:

  • number system, 

  • decimal fraction, 

  • ratio and proportion, 

  • Percentage, 

  • profit and loss,

  • SI and CI, 

  • Work and time,

Mental Ability or Reasoning Test: 

The reasoning section is the most important one to score, always one step ahead of the competition with a strong command of reasoning speed. The following are some of the topics to focus on:

  • analogy, 

  • number series, 

  • coding-decoding, 

  • direction sense test, 

  • statement and conclusion, 

  • Venn diagram, 

  • arithmetic reasoning, 

  • non-verbal reasoning 

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