Preparation Tips For NDA & NA Examination-2 2023

Updated On : 17 May, 2023


Mastering the NDA exam, a revered gateway to joining the prestigious Indian Defence Forces requires diligent preparation and a well-crafted study plan. Aspirants must embark on their journey by establishing a strong foundation of fundamental concepts. Additionally, it is crucial not to overlook the significance of practicing NDA previous years' question papers and revising extensively from the prescribed syllabus.

As per the calendar issued by the Union Public Service Commission, the NDA & NA examination 2- 2023 notification will be issued on 17th May 2023 and eligible candidates can apply for the same by 6th June 2023. The UPSC NDA 2 2023 examination is scheduled to be conducted on 03.09.2023 (SUNDAY). 


To conquer the NDA exam 2023, it is imperative to comprehend its pattern and syllabus. The following are the subjects of the written examination, the time allotted for each subject, and the maximum marks allotted to each subject:



Maximum Marks





2½ hours

General Ability Test



2½ hours




SSB Test/ Interview




  • The papers in all subjects will only contain objective-type questions. 

  • Paper 1 of Mathematics and Paper 2 of the General Ability Test will be set bilingually in Hindi and English.

  • The Commission has the authority to set qualifying marks in any or all of the examination subjects.

  • There will be a negative marking for the wrong answer.

Candidates' selection is determined by a total of 1800 marks, with 900 marks allocated to the written test and 900 marks to the Service Selection Board (SSB) interview.


Previous Year Question Paper 

An invaluable asset during preparation is reviewing NDA previous years' question papers, enabling candidates to familiarize themselves with question formats. You can attempt the Previous year's question paper in a test format to introspect yourself as a first step of your preparation so that you can set your schedule accordingly. 

Create a study schedule

Develop a study schedule that allocates dedicated time for each topic. Break down your preparation into smaller, manageable tasks and set realistic goals. Consistency and regularity in your study routine will ensure comprehensive coverage of the syllabus.

Attempt NDA Mock Test 

The exam predominantly consists of multiple-choice questions, available in either Hindi or English. Mathematics grants 2.5 marks for correct answers, but 0.83 marks are deducted for incorrect responses. In GAT, each correct answer fetches four marks, while an incorrect answer incurs a penalty of 1.33 marks. To diminish your exam fear you are advised to attempt the NDA mock test series which are based on the latest exam pattern of the NDA & NA examination. 

Analyze your performance

After solving previous years' question papers or practice sets, analyze your performance. Identify areas where you face difficulties and focus on improving your understanding of those topics. Regular self-assessment will enable you to track your progress and make necessary adjustments in your preparation strategy.

Stay calm and confident during the exam

On the day of the exam, maintain a calm and composed mindset. Avoid spending excessive time on a single question if you get stuck. Move on to the next question and come back to the challenging ones later, if time permits. Trust in your preparation and believe in your abilities.


Now equipped with an understanding of the exam's pattern, syllabus, question papers, and marking scheme, let's delve into subject-specific preparation tips for the NDA exam.

NDA Preparation Tips 2023 for Paper 1 Mathematics 

  1. Gain clarity in concepts: To excel in the Mathematics section, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the concepts. Review the topics such as Integral Calculus, Differential Equations, Trigonometry, Algebra, Vector Algebra, Matrices and Determinants, Analytical Geometry, Statistics, and Probability. If any concepts are unclear, revisit the basics and seek additional resources to strengthen your understanding.

  2. Solve a variety of mathematical problems: To improve your problem-solving skills, practice solving a wide range of mathematical problems. Work through different types of questions from each topic to develop familiarity with various problem-solving techniques. Practice is key to building confidence and speed in solving mathematical problems.

  3. Manage your time effectively: Time management is crucial in the NDA exam, especially for the Mathematics section. Practice solving problems within the stipulated time limit to improve your speed and accuracy. Divide your time wisely among the different sections of the paper to ensure that you attempt all the questions.

  4. Practice mental calculations and shortcuts: Enhance your calculation speed by practicing mental calculations and utilizing shortcuts whenever possible. This will save you valuable time during the exam and allow you to focus on solving complex problems. Remember to practice regularly, revise consistently, and approach the Mathematics section with a positive attitude. 

NDA Preparation Tips 2023 for Paper 2: GAT

GAT comprises two parts: Part A (English) and Part B (Chemistry, General Science, History, Freedom Movement, Geography, and Current Events). Below are preparation tips for each segment:

NDA Preparation Tips 2023 for English

The English test carries 200 marks and covers vocabulary, grammar, usage, and comprehension. To excel in this section, candidates should cultivate a habit of reading newspapers and magazines daily. Additionally, they must focus on mastering basic grammar rules. While reading, it is essential to consult a dictionary for unfamiliar words.

NDA Preparation Tips 2023 for General Knowledge

The GK test contributes 400 marks and assesses candidates' grasp of current affairs. It includes questions on General Science, Indian history, Physics, Geography, Chemistry, and Current Events. To excel in this section, consider the following tips:

  1. Stay updated with news through regular news updates.

  2. Be knowledgeable about diverse fields such as sports, arts, literature, etc.

  3. Acquaint yourself with current economic scenarios, recent and past policies, and topics pertaining to India and its neighboring countries.

Read our daily updates on current affairs to complete this vast syllabus of current affairs.

NDA Preparation Tips 2023 for Physics

The physics section of the NDA exam presents 23-25 questions on general physics topics. To succeed in this section, follow these tips:

  1. Focus on important topics with higher weightage, such as Ohm's Law, Mass, Force, and Momentum. However, avoid neglecting other topics mentioned in the syllabus.

  2. Create concise notes of essential definitions and formulas.

NDA Preparation Tips 2023 for Chemistry

The Chemistry section of NDA comprises questions primarily based on chemical formulas and reactions. The topics encompass elements, mixtures, compounds, physical and chemical changes, acids, bases, salts, chemical equations, laws of chemical combination, properties of air and water, oxidation, reduction, carbon, and various forms, atomic structure, atomic equivalent, molecular weight, valency, mole concept, fertilizers, preparation of substances like soap, glass, and cement, as well as properties of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. Follow these tips to prepare effectively:

  1. Make notes:- As you study, take concise notes to summarize important information. Additionally, create flashcards for key terms. Flashcards are a useful tool for quick revision and can help reinforce your understanding of important concepts.

  2. Revise chemical reactions in the final days of the preparation. 

NDA Preparation Tips 2023 for Biology

  1. Focus on the core topics: The Biology section of the NDA exam covers various topics such as cells and tissues, living and non-living organisms, human body and organs, development and reproduction in plants and animals, common epidemics and their causes and preventions, balanced diet and food as an energy source, the solar system, meteors, comets, eminent scientists, and their achievements. Make sure you have a clear understanding of these topics and their subtopics.

  2. Study from high school books: Start your preparation by referring to the biology textbooks used in high school. These textbooks provide a comprehensive overview of the subject and cover the fundamental concepts. Review the chapters related to the topics mentioned above, take notes, and highlight important points.

  3. Understand key concepts: While studying, focus on understanding the key concepts rather than memorizing everything. Biology is a subject that requires understanding and application rather than rote memorization. Try to grasp the underlying principles, processes, and mechanisms involved in various biological phenomena.

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Here are the data from the previous year cut-off marks:-


Written Cut-off (900 marks)

Sectional Cut-off (900 marks)

Final Cut-off (900+900= 1800 marks) 

Paper 2 2022




Paper 1 2022




Paper 2 2021




Paper 1 2021




Paper 2 2020




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