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Aspirants interested in a career in the paramilitary forces should be aware of the pay structure and job responsibilities. Along with a good salary, SSC provides excellent opportunities for promotion. Despite the fact that SSC GD Constable is a highly competitive exam, candidates must prepare accordingly. This article has covered everything you need to know about SSC GD Salary 2022, including job descriptions, responsibilities, allowances, and more. Continue reading to learn more!

SSC General Duty (GD) Constables are in charge of investigating criminal cases in rural and urban areas, and they are compensated with a competitive pay scale and allowances from the Staff Selection Commission. SSC will soon publish salary information along with the official notification on its website, tentatively in December 2022. 

The GD Constable is in charge of a variety of critical duties. Before learning about the structure, you must first examine the various SSC GD Constable recruitment posts for which a candidate is chosen. The SSC GD exam is held for the following positions:

  • Constable GD in the Border Security Force.

  • Constable GD in Secretariat Security Force.

  • Constable GD in Central Industrial Security Force.

  • Constable GD in the National Investigation Agency.

  • Constable GD in Indo Tibetan Border Police Force.

  • Constable GD in Sashastra Seema Bal.

  • Constable GD in Central Reserve Police Force.

  • Rifleman GD in Assam Rifles.

Continue reading this article to learn more about the SSC GD Constable salary and job profile in detail.


1. Initially, SSC GD Constables will be assigned as escorts or guards.

2. In the absence of the Sub-Inspector and Assistant Sub-Inspector, the SSC GD Constables will be responsible for overseeing all activities.

3. If the Sub-Inspector requests it, SSC GD Constables may be required to investigate cases.

4. Station Writer duties may also be assigned to GD Constables.

5. Any other tasks or duties assigned by the SHO must be completed by the GD Constables.

Let us now look at the brief descriptions for all of the armed forces in SSC GD Constable.

Border Security Force (BSF)

Constables in the BSF armed personnel are primarily employed for internal security and other law and order duties. The nature of BSF personnel's jobs are as follows:

  • Important roles and responsibilities at the Indo-Pakistan and Indo-Bangladesh borders, such as Anti-infiltration responsibilities, preventing smuggling and other illegal cross-border activities.

  • To collect cross-border intelligence.

Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)

The following are the major roles and responsibilities of CISF employees.

  • Ensuring the safety and security of various PSUs, as well as other government infrastructure projects and industrial units.

  • All commercial airports in India have CISF Constables in charge of security.

Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB)

The primary concern of the constable in Shashastra Seema Bal is to monitor and prevent cross-border criminal activity and other illegal activities. They also guard the borders between India and Nepal and between India and Bhutan.

Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP)

The nature of the ITBP job is specific, and it requires concentrated attention to perform the job.

  • Employees of the ITBP patrol the border region between India and China (particularly from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh).

  • Their goal is to stop illegal immigration and transnational smuggling.

  • To restore and maintain peace and order in any troubled area.

  • They keep an eye on the northern area's borders, detecting and preventing border violations.

Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)

As the country's largest paramilitary organisation, it is primarily responsible for India's internal security and also operates in foreign countries as part of the Indian Peacekeeping Force. The job responsibilities range from VIP security to election duties and counter-Naxal operations.

Rifleman (General Duty) in Assam Rifles

The Group of Ministers (GoM) committee has designated the Rifleman as the Border Guarding Force for the Indo-Myanmar border, as well as its lead intelligence agency. It is overseen by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). It provides services such as:

  • In the absence of the Assistant Sub-Inspector and Sub-Inspector, the employee chosen will be in charge of all activities.

  • If the Sub-Inspector requests it, the employee chosen will have complete authority to investigate any case.

  • You could request to patrol urban areas.


The SSC GD salary is also quite high because the department is under the Ministry of Home Affairs. SSC GD basic pay scale ranges from Rs.21,700 to Rs.69,100. This is one of the primary reasons why candidates opt for SSC GD as a career path.

The salary structure of the Staff Selection Commission General Duty is mentioned below. The pay scale varies depending on the position.

The basic SSC GD Salary is Rs. 21,700 per month and after adding Transport allowance, House Rent Allowance and Dearness Allowance the candidate will get a Net Salary of Rs. 23,527 per month

Aside from the salary mentioned above, the SSC GD salary also includes the following benefits and allowances:

  • Medical Facilities

  • Pension schemes

  • Annual paid leaves

  • Security allowances

  • Field allowances


Once selected as an SSC GD Constable, a candidate will have numerous opportunities to advance to higher levels. Promotions are held at regular intervals. The candidate is promoted to the next level based on their work performance, behavioural conduct, and career record during their service period. SSC GD Constables can advance to the positions of:

1. Senior Constable

2. Head Constable

3. Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI)

4. Sub-Inspector (SI)

5. Inspector


Q. Which Force is best for SSC GD Constables?

A: Each Force has its own set of challenges, but the CISF is considered as the best Force for a comfortable life in cities.

Q: Does the SSC GD Constable Salary vary by location?

A: Yes, the salary for SSC GD varies slightly depending on the posting location.

Q. Is there a probationary period that candidates must go through after being selected for the position of SSC GD Constable?

A. Yes, after being chosen, candidates must serve a probationary period. The article above contains information on the SSC GD Constable Salary and Job Profile.

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