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Question 1:

In the question a Assertion(A) and a Reason (R) is given. Choose the correct options from the following:

Assertion(A): Indian medicines are cheaper as compared to developed countries.

Reason(R): India is not a developed country.

Question 2:

Rearrange the letters “ ARENACRB ” , we get the Capital of ?

Question 3:

In this question, Select the related number from the given alternatives which completes the analogy?

45 : 30 :: 18 : ?

Question 4:

What will be the next number in the given series?

5   14   37   78   ?

Question 5:

If in a certain language ‘ Flowers are great’ is coded as 857, ‘great people happy’ is coded as 386, ‘Dogs are faithful’ is coded as 254 and ‘Children faithful happy’ is coded as 312. Then find the code for the word ‘Dogs’?

Question 6:

What will be the next number in the given series?

8 5 10 43 292 ?

Question 7:

Given below is a statement followed by two conclusions. Decide which of the given conclusions logically follow(s) from the given statements.

Statements: In the class all boys are hardworking.


I. There is no girl in the class.

II. The girls are less hardworking than boys.

Question 8:

What will be the next set of alphabets in the series?


Question 9:

Pointing towards a person Santosh said, “He is the son of my sister’s grandfather’s son-in-law’s daughter’s mother”. How Santosh’s father is related to that person?

Question 10:

What day will be on 30th August 2022?