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Question 1:

Select the correct option that will fill in the blank and complete the series.

Question 2:

Select the number that can replace the question mark (?) in the following series.
5, 3, 3, 5, 15, 69, ?

Question 3:

In a certain code language, 'TIGER' is written as '38629' and 'CLERK' is written as '04297'. What will be the code for 'GREET' in that code language?

Question 4:

In a board meeting of a company 7 out of 10 members were present. They were sitting around a rectangular table. Four seats are placed at the corner of the table, while four tables are facing each other and rest of the tables are facing each other. Ramesh sits third to the right of Varsha. There is one vacant seat between Rangeesh and Varsha. Ramesh sits immediate right of Rangesh. Abhyas is sitting opposite to Ramesh. Karuna is second to the left of Abhyas, Who is fourth to the left of Rangesh. Karuna is sitting second to the right of Nalind, who is sitting third to the left of Akhilesh. Only one seat is vacant between Akhilesh and Nalind. No one is sitting opposite Nalind. Ramesh and Varsha are sitting at the corner of the table, but no one is sitting opposite Varsha. How many persons sit between Nalind and Varsha? (counting from the right side of Nalinda).

Question 5:

Two statements are given, followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. Assuming the statements to be true. even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts, decide which of the conclusions logically follow(s) from the statements.


No table is a chair.

All sofa are tables.


I. No sofa is a chair.

II. Some tables are sofa.

Question 6:

Select the option which will come in place of question mark (?) in the given number series?

17  18   ?   25  21  48   39

Question 7:

Three of the following four letter-clusters are alike in a certain way and one is different. Pick the odd one out.

Question 8:

Four number-sets have been given below, out of which three are alike in some manner and one is different. Select the number-set that different from the rest.

Question 9:

Select the option which will come in place of question mark (?) in the given number series?

167,287,?, 527, 839

Question 10:

From the following, select the one which is different from other three alternatives?