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Question 1:

A sum at a simple interest of $12.5 \%$ p.a. become $\frac{7.5}{5}$ of itself in how many years?

Question 2:

A certain sum becomes Rs.1215 in 5 years and Rs.1608 in 8 years at simple interest. What is the value of principal?

Question 3:

Simple interest received by a person in 5 years on a principal of the Rs.25984 is 145% of the principal what is the rate of interest (in%) per annum?

Question 4:

A sum of Rs.800 become Rs.1076 in 3 years at certain rate of simple interest then find in how many years same sum will become four times of itself?

Question 5:

A scheme invests Rs. 1000 at simple interest rate of $5 \%$ on the condition that interest will be added to the principal after 10 yr. In how many years will it amount to Rs.2000?

Question 6:

A sum of Rs.9600 amounts to Rs.10480 at 9.25% p.a. simple interest in certain time “T”. What is the simple interest on the sum of Rs.8400 at the same rate for the time “0.6T”?

Question 7:

The rate of interest for the first 2 years is 6% p.a., for the next 3 years is 10% p.a. and for the period beyond 5 years is 12% p.a. If a person gets Rs.12,771 as simple interest after 7 years, then how much money did he invest?

Question 8:

Ram earns an interest of 600 over two years on a simple interest basis. On a compound interest basis, at the same interest rate, he would earn Rs. 630. What is the rate of interest?

Question 9:

Ramandeep invested Rs. 8000 at R% for 2 years. Amount received is again invested in scheme B at 12.5% for 1 years. Total interest received is Rs. 3700. Find the value of R.

Question 10:

How much of the principal amount at $6 \%$ per annum simple interest in 10 years yields Rs 120 ?