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Question 1:

If '+' is interchanged with 'x', 'x' is interchanged with '+', '÷' is replaced with '—' and '—' is interchanged with '÷', then which of the following equations is correct?

Question 2:

Three of the following four letter-clusters are alike in a certain way and one is different. Pick the odd one out.

Question 3:

Select the option that is related to the third letter-cluster in the same way as the second letter-cluster is related to the first letter-cluster.


Question 4:

Select the option in which the numbers share the same relation as that shared by the given pair of numbers.

84: 72

Question 5:

What will be the horizontal mirror image of 

Question 6:

Read the given statements and conclusions carefully and select the conclusion that logically follows from the statement.


- All mats are Choirs

- All Choirs are Jute

Conclusions :

1. All jute are choir.

2. All mats are jute

Question 7:

Sunder runs $4 \mathrm{~km}$ towards east. Then he turns right and walks $3\mathrm{~km}$. Again he turns to the right and continues walking. In which direction is he going now?

Question 8:

What will be the next term in the given series? 

9D, 8E, 7F, 6G, 5H, ?

Question 9:

X is the son of Y. Y is the wife of Z. W is the father of Z. How is Y related to W?

Question 10:

If BIRBAL is written as RIBLAB in that code language then how will DIESEL be written in that code language?