Attempt now to get your rank among 87 students!

Question 1:

In a class, Sonu’s rank is 14th from the top and 27th from the bottom then what is the total strength of the class?

Question 2:

Lakhshay is smaller than Sanya but taller than Mohit. Raman is taller than Mohit but smaller then Sanya. Who is the smallest?

Question 3:

Vijay is poor than Kishan but richer than Lalit. Prateek is richer than Vijay but poor then Kishan. Who is the poorest?

Question 4:

Among J, K, l, M and N, M is older than l but not as old as K. N is older than only J. Who is the youngest among them?

Question 5:

In a class of 90 boys, the rank of a boy is 48th from the top in the merit list, what will be his rank from the bottom?

Question 6:

In a row of students in a class, position of Andrew from the left side of the row is 32nd and position of Andrew from right side of the row is 41st. Find the total number of students in the row?

Question 7:

Avika is 8 ranks ahead of Lucky in a class of 63. If Avika‘s rank is 28th from the start, what is Luck’s rank from the last?

Question 8:

In a group of girls, Nimisha's rank is 23rd from the right and 18th from the left. Find the total number of persons in that group?

Question 9:

Misha is taller than Surbhi. Mini is taller than Misha. Nandani is taller than Mini. Alia is the tallest of all If they stand according to their height, who will be in the middle?

Question 10:

Five persons L, M, N, O and P have different heights. N is taller than M and O. L is taller than P, who is shorter than O. N is not taller than L. If M is taller than O then who is the shortest?