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Question 1:

Who among the following is best known for his market regulation policy?

Question 2:

Which of the following sultans of Delhi was the first one to start military campaigns in southern India?

Question 3:

"Chor Minar" in the Hauz Khas area of Delhi was constructed by _______ .

Question 4:

The 'Kharaj' tax, levied by Alauddin Khilji, was approximately equal to -------% of the farmer's produce.

Question 5:

Muhammad Tughluq used 'token' currency to pay his soldiers, which was made out of:

Question 6:

Who among the following built the city of Tughlaqabad?

Question 7:

Which of the following statements is Incorrect regarding Qutubuddin Aibak ?

Question 8:

During whose reign Morocco travellers Ibn-Batuta came to India?

Question 9:

Who among the following issued the "Arabic Coin of Tanka" in India?

Question 10:

Which of the following pair is Incorrectly matched?