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Question 1:

Which district of Uttar Pradesh is famous for Perfume making?

Question 2:

Where is Jharkhand located on the map of our country?

Question 3:

Given below are two statements:

Assertion(A): Organic farming reduces the emission of greenhouse gases.

Reason(R) : Organic farming utilize alternate practices.

In the context of the above statements, which one of the following is correct?

Question 4:

What is the name of a thin powdery structure present inside the petals of flowers?

Question 5:

In a hilly area, it was observed that the people have built houses using stones, mud, lime and wood. These houses have two floors. On the ground floor, they provide space for animals to live and also store necessary things, on the first floor they stay. The roofs of the houses are flat and made of thick tree trunks. This hilly area is a part of-

Question 6:

Students of class IV are asked by their teacher to discuss "What happens to the food we eat inside our body?" Which of the following is her objective?

Question 7:

Consider the following statements regarding the method followed in jhum farms:

(A) After getting a crop (cut) they leave the land like this for a few years.

(B) The bamboo or weed (forest) that grows in this place is uprooted and burnt.

(C) The ash obtained by burning weeds (forests) etc. is used as food.

When this land comes for cultivation, it is deeply plowed before sprinkling of beech.

Correct statement is/are

Question 8:

Which one of the following groups of states has coastlines on the Arabian Sea?

Question 9:

Consider the following functions for plants:

A. To give support to the plant

B. To store food

C. To absorb water and minerals

D. To provide humus

E. To climb upon the walls

The functions of the roots are-

Question 10:

‘Kuduk’ is the local language for the people of ?