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Question 1:

In which country or state of India is Tengboche Monastery located?

Question 2:

Why is Bodh Gaya an important Buddhist pilgrimage centre?

Question 3:

Who among the following organized the Fourth Buddhist Council in Kashmir?

Question 4:

'Vesak Poya' festival, which is celebrated on a full moon day in May, belongs to which of the following religions?

Question 5:

In which of the following century was the famous Jain thinker Vardhaman Mahavir born?

Question 6:

The Stupa at Sanchi has ------ toranas or gateways on which various incidents of Buddha's life and Jatakas have been depicted.

Question 7:

"Just as rivers lose their individual identity when they meet the oceans, in the same way they give up their varna, class and family." From which text is this quote taken?

Question 8:

Which of the following emperors originally got the famous Buddhist Sanchi Stupa built?

Question 9:

From which region of India did Buddhism reach Tibet ?

Question 10:

In which city of Gujarat will you find the Uparkot Buddhist Caves?