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Question 1:

A man introduced the woman and said that her mother is the only daughter of my mother-in-law. How is that man related to that woman?

Question 2:

A is father of C and D is son of B. E is brother of A. If C is sister of D then  how is B related to E ?

Question 3:

A is B’s daughter. B is C’s mother. D is C’s brother. How is D related to A?

Question 4:

A is B’s sister, C is B’s mother, D is C’s father, E is D’s mother, then how A is related to D ?

Question 5:

Seema is the daughter-in-law of Sudhir and sister-in-law of Ramesh. Mohan is the son of Sudhir and only brother of Ramesh. Find the relation  Seema to Mohan.

Question 6:

A is the brother of B, C is the mother of A, D is the father of C, E is the son of B. How is D related to A?

Question 7:

A and B are the young ones of C. If C is the mother of B, but A is not the daughter of C, then what is the relationship between C and A?

Question 8:

P and Q are brothers. R and S are sisters. P’s son is S’s brother. How is Q related to R ?

Question 9:

P is the father of T. T is the daughter of M. M is the daughter of K. What is the relation of P to K ?

Question 10:

A and B are sisters. A is the mother of D. B has a daughter C who is married to F. G is the husband of A. How is C related to D?