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Question 1:

A bike travelling at an average speed of $120$ $\mathrm{km} / \mathrm{h}$ takes $7.5$ minutes to travel a certain distance. By how much should it increase its speed (in $\mathrm{km} / \mathrm{h}$ ) to travel the same distance in 6 minutes.

Question 2:

While covering a distance of $24 \mathrm{~km}$, a man noticed that after walking for $1 \mathrm{~h}$ $20 \mathrm{~min}$, the distance covered by him was $\frac{7}{11}$ of the remaining distance. What was his speed?

Question 3:

If train $A$ reduces its original speed by $\frac{3}{8}$ then it covers a distance of $240$ Kms less in 5 hours then find the original speed of the train?

Question 4:

Two buses start from a house at an interval of 5 minutes and move with a speed of 10 km/ hr in the same direction. With how much speed ( km/hr) should a woman coming from the opposite direction towards the house travel, to meet the buses at interval of 3 minutes?

Question 5:

On a journey across Kolkata, a taxi covers$  50 \%$ of the distance at $50 \mathrm{~km}$ per hour for , $40 \%$ of it at 40 $\mathrm{km}$ per hour and the remaining distance ar $20 \mathrm{~km}$ per hour. The average speed, in $\mathrm{km} /$ hour, for the whole journey is:

Question 6:

A train leaves a station at 4: 50 p.m. and reaches the next station 45 km away at 5: 44 p.m. If the train runs at a uniform speed, what is the speed (in km/hr ) of the train?

Question 7:

Ram travelled from a place $Z$ to $P$ at an average speed of $130 \mathrm{~km} / \mathrm{h}$. He travelled the first $75 \%$ of the distance in two-thirds of the time and the rest at an average speed of $X \mathrm{~km} / \mathrm{h}$. The value of $\frac{X}{2}$ is:

Question 8:

A certain distance is covered at a certain speed. If half of this distance is covered in double the time, the ratio of the two speeds is:

Question 9:

Two horses are standing 585 metres apart. First horse can run at a speed of $72 \mathrm{~km} / \mathrm{h}$ and second horse can run at a speed of 90 $\mathrm{km} / \mathrm{h}$. If two horses run towards each other after how much time will they bump into each other.

Question 10:

A man travelled a distance of $42 \mathrm{~km}$ in 5 hours. He travelled partly on foot at the rate of $6 \mathrm{~km} / \mathrm{h}$ and partly on bicycle at the rate of 10 $\mathrm{km} / \mathrm{h}$. The distance travelled on foot is: