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Question 1:

Match the following List-1 and List-2 and select the correct answer -

Code :- A- B- C- D

Question 2:

Sardar Vallabhbhai University of Agriculture and Technology is located in which district of Uttar Pradesh?

Question 3:

When was the Uttar Pradesh Sanskrit Sansthan established by the Government of Uttar Pradesh?

Question 4:

Where is the 'Singh Pillar', the emblem of India built by Ashoka, in Uttar Pradesh? 

Question 5:

Choose the false one from the following statements?

Question 6:

Following are the pairs of programs organized in different cities of Uttar Pradesh related to G-20 meeting-
A. 'Run for G-20' program - 1. Greater Noida
B. Digital Economy Working Group Meeting - 2. Lucknow
C. G-20 empowerment meeting - 3. Agra
Select the correct pair?

Question 7:

Choose the truth from the following regarding Uttar Pradesh?

Question 8:

The soil which is mainly deficient in potash is found in ___ district of Uttar Pradesh.

Question 9:

When was the emergency first imposed in Uttar Pradesh?

Question 10:

Which of the following country shares its boundary with the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh'?