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Question 1:

The government has decided to set up North India's first nuclear plant in which of the following?

Question 2:

Vedanta has tied up with which of the following to develop the first semiconductor facility in India?

Question 3:

In February 2023, which of the following country has decided to join the 'Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate'?

Question 4:

In which of the following articles the definition of "Money Bill" is mentioned?

Question 5:

When was the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly held?

Question 6:

Which of the following regarding Fundamental Duties is not correct?

Question 7:

Pine is an example of ______.

Question 8:

Litmus solution is a purple dye, which is extracted from lichen, a plant belonging to the division ______.

Question 9:

The eastern boundary of the Harappan culture is determined by which of the following?

Question 10:

Who among these was famous for Telugu translation?

1. Kamban

2. Kuttan

3. Nannaya

4. Tikana

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