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Question 1:

On a certain sum of money, the simple interest for 2 years is Rs. 200 at the rate of $7 \%$ per annum. Find the difference in CI and SI.

Question 2:

Two alloys A and B have silver and copper in the ratio 5 : 1 and 7 : 2 respectively. In what ratio should they be mixed for 80% silver in the mixture?

Question 3:

There are 65 students in a class, Rs. 39 are distributed among them so that each boy gets $80 \mathrm{P}$ and each girl gets $30 \mathrm{P}$. Find the number of boys and girls in that class.

Question 4:

A boat can cover a distance of $7.2 \mathrm{~km}$ downstream and $3.2 \mathrm{~km}$ upstream in 2 hours. It can also cover $1.5 \mathrm{~km}$ downstream and $0.6$ $\mathrm{km}$ upstream in 24 minutes. What is the speed of boat when going downstream (in $\mathrm{km} / h$)?

Question 5:

If G be the centroid of $\Delta \mathrm{ABC}$ and the area of $\Delta \mathrm{GBD}$ is $6 \mathrm{sq}.\mathrm{cm}$, where $\mathrm{D}$ is the mid-point of side BC, then the area of $\Delta \mathrm{ABC}$ is:

Question 6:

The base of right pyramid is a equilateral triangle of side $4 \mathrm{~cm}$. The height of the pyramid is half of its slant height. Its volume is:

Question 7:

Two circles of radii $8 \mathrm{~cm}$ and $2 \mathrm{~cm}$ respectively touch each other externally at the point A. PQ is the direct common tangent of those two circles of centres $\mathrm{O}_{1}$ and $\mathrm{O}_{2}$ respectively. Then length of $\mathrm{PQ}$ is equal to:

Question 8:

Pipe A alone can fill a tank in 8 hours. Pipe B alone can fill it in 6 hours. If both the pipes are opened and after 2 hours Pipe A is closed, then the other pipe will fill the tank in ?

Question 9:

Two pipes $A$ and $B$ can fill a cistern in 3 hours and 5 hours respectively. Pipe $C$ can empty in 2 hours. If all the three pipes are open, in how many hours the cistern will be full?

Question 10:

If $a+b+c=0$, then the value of $\frac{a^{2}+b^{2}+c^{2}}{a^{2}+b c}$ is-