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Question 1:

Find the height of the cylinder whose volume, if $1.54 \mathrm{~m}^ 3$ and diameter of the base is 140 $\mathrm{cm}$?

Question 2:

A shopkeeper cheats to the extent of 10% while buying and selling fruits, by using tampered weights. His total gain, in percentage, is :

Question 3:

In a triangle $\mathrm{ABC}, \mathrm{AC}=8 \mathrm{~cm}, \mathrm{AB}=6 \mathrm{~cm}$, and $\mathrm{BC}=12 \mathrm{~cm}$ then find the value of $\angle \mathrm{ACB}$ $=?$

Question 4:

Of the 3 number whose average is 26 , the first is $30 \%$ of the sum of other two numbers. What is the first number?

Question 5:

The mode and mean of a set is 16 and 35 respectively, find their median.

Question 6:

Directions : The marks obtained by 275 Students are shown by the frequency polygon. Given that mean marks is 70 . Study the frequency polygon and answer the given questions.

Number of the students who get above $20 \%$ marks is-

Question 7:

Find the value of $21+3.9 \times 2.9+8.99=?$

Question 8:

If $7 a^{2}+3 b^{2}=40$ and $a b=-4 (b>a$, and $a, b$ both are Integers) then the value of $ (4 b-a) $ is:

Question 9:

Two numbers are less than a third number by $30 \%$ and $37 \%$ respectively.

How much percent is the second number less that the first?

Question 10:

An amount of money at compound Interest grows upto 12700 in 3 years and 13843 in 4 years. Find the rate of interest.