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Question 1:

Mathematician Dennis Parnell Sullivan, who has been awarded the Abel Prize in the month of March 2022, belongs to which of the following countries?

Question 2:

Which of the following grand slam tournaments is also known as “the happy slam”?

Question 3:

Current Women World No 1 in Tennis, Iga Swiatek belongs to which of the following countries?

Question 4:

Which prestigious award was given to Cynthia Rosenzweig, who was in the news recently ?

Question 5:

The Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced that there will be a tax of how much percent on income from cryptocurrencies ?

Question 6:

Match List-I and List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the list :

Question 7:

On which date was the Supreme Court inaugurated in India?

Question 8:

Who was the author of the book "Neel Darpan" written on the plight of indigo farmers?

Question 9:

Consider the following statements :

1.It was during the reign of Iltutmish that Chengiz Khan reached the Indus in pursuit of the fugitive Khwarizm prince.

2.It was during the reign of Muhammad bin Tughluq that Taimur occupied Multan and crossed the Indus.

3.It was during the reign of Deva Raya II of Vijayanagara Empire that Vasco da Gama reached the coast of Kerala.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

Question 10:

Who was the first to read the Brahmi script?