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Question 1:

Which scheme has been renamed as “Chief Minister Krishak Accident Welfare Scheme”?

Question 2:

The National Rural Drinking Water Program has set a target to provide drinking water to every rural person in the country at a distance of 50 meters horizontally or vertically from their homes by 2022, how many liters per person per day?

Question 3:

Who among the following is the brand ambassador of Uttar Pradesh government's scheme One District One Product?

Question 4:

Where was the concept of one district one product originally introduced?

Question 5:

According to which of the following the story of man is mostly the story of rural man?

Question 6:

According to the 2011 census, how many villages are there in India?

Question 7:

Who is the author of the book "Social Structure" ?

Question 8:

In which five year plan the renewal scheme of land records was started?

Question 9:

Under which section of the Revenue Council comes the work related to the Land Acquisition Act?

Question 10:

Which of the following was used for land measurement when the Permanent Settlement System was introduced?