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Question 1:

Which country has recently announced plans to develop a “Battery Passport” by a group of companies in the automotive industry ?

Question 2:

Where is Ramstein Air Base, which was in news recently?

Question 3:

Ms. Vandana Kataria has been awarded Padma Shri in the year 2022 for her contribution in which field?

Question 4:

The rate of absorption of water is slow at temperature freezing point because of-

Question 5:

Which of the following statement is correct ?

  1. Detergents are used in soft water only 
  2. They are sodium salts of long chain of carboxylic acid 

Question 6:

Which of the following statement is incorrect ?

  1. Haematite is Fe3O4
  2. Zinc blende mainly contains zinc chloride
  3. Platinum is found in its native form
  4. Copper pyrite also contain Fe2S3

Question 7:

A ship sends out ultrasound that returns from the seabed and is detected after 5 s. If the speed of ultrasound through seawater is 1500 m/s, what is the distance of the seabed from the ship?

Question 8:

Where did the British set up their  factory in India in 1613 AD?

Question 9:

Malik Ambar was related to which Southern state?

Question 10:

Whose composition is Raas Panchadhyayi?